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No two employers are alike. Some companies and HR managers want us to take over the entire recruiting process while others just want help with some of the steps—maybe just candidate sourcing or background checks.

With Talagy, there is no typical assignment, but there is a typical outcome—delivery of just the right person to meet your needs.

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Basic E-mail Etiquette

E-mailing can do more harm than good if you don’t keep a few basic rules of etiquette in mind. We’ve all been there: that horrible moment when your stomach lurches and you realize you’ve just e-mailed the wrong person.


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“Talagy’s improved our recruiting process and professionalism and keeps us current with hiring trends to maintain our competitive edge”
-Martin Hartin, CEO Coastal Construction Products, Florida

“Talagy makes my life so much easier!”
-Niti Prothi, AVP HR, Aegis Global Communications, Texas

“The candidates are so good … I am in shock. I spent no more than two hours on this process and have TWO candidates that exceed my expectations. Now I can’t choose between the two!”
--Steve Williams, President, Harbinger

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